Quick tips on increasing audience participation and delighting attendees

Quick tips on increasing audience participation and delighting attendees

When it comes to presentations, we’ve entered the age of audience expectations. At conferences and summits, time-short and busy attendees anticipate and want more than stale, run-of-the-mill, 45-minute, lecture-style presentations. They want to be engaged.

How to make your conference appealing to millennials

The last time I went to a conference I noticed that the audience was quite "mature". The only younger visitors looked like students who were trying their luck with networking. 

But how do you attract a younger audience? How do you make sure they come back to your conference the next time? How do you make your conference appealing to millennials? You can read the article here.

Sustainable Events Summit to take place in London

The Sustainable Events Summit will take place on Monday 21 November. According to Conference News the summit will take place at 30 Euston Square in London. You can read the full article here.  

This conference will present the findings of a research study about how global brands view sustainability. 

Early bird tickets cost £130 + VAT and standard tickets go for £160 (+ VAT). You can find more info on 

Networking at conferences: plan your time!

Ever been to a conference? How did "the networking" work out for you? Did you leave the conference with new ideas, leads, and useful contacts? Sometimes going to a conference can feel like you wasted precious time. But perhaps that is because you didn't plan it properly. You didn't look at what you wanted to get out of the the conference. How the conference can work for you.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote an article about networking at conferences.