Event Planning 

Noel Cornford is the founder of Inside Out Talent, an agency representing artists and performers. We talk about the role of agents within the event planning process. 

Coordinating 900 events in 1 month requires event planning skills. My interview with Sarah from Brighton Fringe.

Up to a million people attend San Francisco Pride each year. George, executive director of San Francisco Pride, explains the event planning process. 

Josh Roberts talks about the planning processes for conferences and exhibitions. What does it mean to plan and organise an event for 20,000 people?

Ashleigh, director of &Meetings, explains the planning process for meetings and events at her company. What does it mean to work in the Meeting industry?

Planning an admission free festival has its own challenges. My interview with Steven from Stern Grove Festival. 

Event Marketing

Social Media and festivals. Britz from Shambhala Music Festival explains their approach to online marketing.

The Festival Guy has visited 90+ festivals. How should events and festivals promote themselves?

Christina from Street Diner, a weekly food market in Brighton UK, explains the importance of promotion and social media for her event.

Malia Mullen talks about fundraising events. What do you need to think of when planning an event that doesn't have a budget?


Sustainable Event Management

Laura is the sustainability coordinator at Bonnaroo Music Festival. In this interview we talk about greening events and festivals.

My interview with interview Dede. He's organising festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle. What does sustainable event management mean to him?

Solar power at events. Sol Solutions, a provider of portable solar panel generators, explains the possibilities of solar power. 

This is my interview with Patrick from Event Water Solutions. They supply portable water filtration systems to 165 festivals and events worldwide. 

Nick Algee provides you with useful tips about sustainable event management. He explains how sustainable event initiatives can benefit festivals and communities. 

Melissa McClary works for Klean Kanteen, a company that offers sustainable solutions to single use waste products at events and festivals.

Event Safety

Stefanie Jones from the Drug Policy Alliance explains what event planners can do to create a safe event for everyone attending. 

Joseph Pred from Mutual Aid Response Services talks about risk and safety management at events and festivals. 


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