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The Event Tutor 

Welcome to your learning hub in event planning. Join over 4,300 students from around the globe in workshops such as event marketing, sustainable event management and event safety. Our workshops are online as well as in-person. We also offer in-house training, just for you and your organisation. Check out The Event Tutor Academy to find out how you can sign up to get access to great event planning content. 

Being taught by Jarno has been nothing but a privilege! He has profound and versatile industry knowledge and has been an inspiring tutor.
— Sarah Tschentscher, Festival & Event Officer London Borough of Tower Hamlets
A great course that explains the real world of events, and not just theory! It’s really worth to do!
— Online student Event Planning

The Event Consultant

Do you need help organising your event? The core areas in which we can help you are:

  • The planning process

  • The licensing process

  • Marketing and promotion of your event

  • The implementation of sustainable event planning policies

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