What is the Scope for Technology in the Events Industry?

The following blog was written by Maximillion:

Technology has completely changed how we work, travel, socialize, and even what we do in our free time. We humans depend on technology a lot and it has made almost all of our routine activities and tasks easier. The UK event management industry is growing at a very high pace and there are a lot of areas where technology already plays a vital role yet there is a lot more room for it to revolutionize the industry.

About 57% of the agencies plan their events and meeting using an event or meeting management software. It does not just help planners in being at places on time and execute important tasks on time but also ensures seamless collaborations. Provided all parties use the same tool, alerts about upcoming meeting and events are sent to all relevant parties with details of the event. These tools help save a lot of time, improve attendance for discussions and meeting, saves money, and above all improves the productivity of the event management team.

Whether it is a ticketing solution like Eventbrite, seating chart planning solution based on room layout designs like Social Tables, or it is attendee networking and engagement functionality equipped all-in-one Solution like Whova, event management, and planning software are an event planner’s best friend. If you had to do all of these manually, it would be quite a laborious task the output of which might not even be as sound. Each event management application has its own purpose and planning enterprise events, music festivals, fests, tradeshows, and other large-scale events can be a very complex task without an app like the Double Dutch.

Live streaming is one of the numerous uses of technology that is revolutionizing the event management industry. Live streaming the proceedings of an event creates a huge amount of awareness about the event which can help in reaching a larger audience. If you are interested in learning other facts about using innovative tech that can be used in event planning, check out this infographic put together by Maximillion.

Data from Maximillion

Data from Maximillion