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Event planning means market research

Market research is extremely important when you plan your event. The key elements you need to research before you start organising your event or festival are:

1. Your event ideas

Look at what you want to organise. Write down all those ideas and make it into a coherent story. Does that story have a beginning, middle and an end? This is where your vision comes in. What are you trying to achieve?

2. Choosing your venue

It is important to know where you want to organise your event. The location of your event has a huge impact on what your event will look like and how your visitors will experience your event. When choosing a location think of: accessibility, atmosphere, size, logistics, and your audience.

3. Timing

Please research the date you have in mind for your event. Look at the event calendar of the area (or the industry): what else is being organised around the same time as your event? Be clear on the duration of your event. How will your event impact the local area (traffic, logistics, security, etc.)?

4. Market

Research your competition. You should look at other events that are happening in the same area and/or are being organised at the same time as your event. Competition can also come from TV (Euro 2016) or a national event (Queen’s birthday parties)

5. Audience

Audience profiling. Please do it. Who do you expect at your event? How will you reach this audience? Where is your audience? What is their age? You need to know whom you are organising your event for.

Research your event before you start planning it. You want to know whether there is a market for your event. Is your potential audience waiting for your event ideas? Try to find the answers before you spend your money. 

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7 qualities that make a great event planner

7 qualities that make a great event planner

As an event manager you’re in charge of planning, producing and organising an experience. You are bringing concepts to life. At certain points you are in charge of hundreds, if not thousands, of people working at your event. You are not only in charge; you are also responsible for their safety and their well-being. Event planners are not only project managers. They are hard working go-getters who make it look as if anyone can do it. And that’s when people realise that being an event planner is an actual job. So, what makes a good event planner?

5 things to research when planning your event

5 things to research when planning your event

Finding out what people like to eat when they’re drinking lager with their mates might not sound like useful data. But I for one think that the info in this report is really interesting. Visitors would like free WiFi when at a festival. And phone charging facilities. Seems like quite obvious requests, right? So why do they still request it? Why do festivals not provide it? I think event planners can use this report to get inspired.