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How to organise a safe event for everyone to enjoy

Working as a project manager for the International Centre for Crowd Management & Security Studies I have seen some 'interesting' approaches to health and safety regulations at events and festivals. 

From incomplete front of stage barriers to overflowing toilets and anything in between. In the early 2000s I was involved in rewriting the licensing for a large festival after an incoherent event management plan (and consequent acting on it) lead to audience members being hospitalised. As an event planner you need to avoid these kind of mistakes. After all, we are talking about the health, safety and well-being of your audience.

But what do you do when you have to organise an event in a country where violent attacks happen. Meredith Pallante wrote an interesting article about how she organised the security for an event held in Israel. You can read the article here.

For more information about health and safety aspects at events you can visit my YouTube channel where you can find my FREE course in event safety.


Event safety and the thrill of amusement rides

Event planners should take health & safety aspects at their events very serious. Most of them do this already. As part of the licensing requirements event planners need to create (and implement) a risk assessment. Accidents still happen though.

The following article discusses the risks of amusement rides at events. The article starts out with some gruesome examples but I guess that brings home the message. 

Kevin Moore works in risk management services in America and has written this article about event safety issues for the Kentucky Forward. 

Safety tips for festival fans

This year's festival season might be over but some of us are already getting ready for 2017. Earlier this week we were told that Glastonbury Festival 2017 sold out within one hour. Talking about getting ready for next year.... Pretty amazing!

Whichever festival you go to, make sure you plan it properly. Part of that planning process is to start talking to your friends about how to stay safe at festivals. What is your plan to look after yourself and your friends? 

The Upcoming is giving you some great safety tips when attending gigs and music festivals. You can read the article here.

Some helpful tips to keep you safe at music festivals

Some helpful tips to keep you safe at music festivals

It's the end of the summer and the festival season has more or less finished. This year there was a lot to do about safety at festivals. Drug use, sexual assault, theft. 

Visiting festivals is great fun but sometimes it doesn't always go according to plan. Conway & Conway came up with this amazing infographic and other safety tips. 

Is there a doctor in the room? First Aid at events

Is there a doctor in the room? First Aid at events

Glastonbury festival works with Festival Medical Services. According to the Guardian this charity organisation “will have 850 volunteers including doctors, nurses, podiatrists, ultrasound technicians, paramedics and dentists” on site. If you are an event planner this might sound daunting. Logistics, planning, and costs are probably the first things you think of.

5 things to think of when doing your event site survey

5 things to think of when doing your event site survey

A site survey is an assessment of all the aspects of an event that are likely to impact your crowd safety management plan. Why is a site survey important? Well, it enables your crowd safety management provider to determine whether they can implement a plan with the resources available to them. So your site survey is the basis for your event safety plan.