A different approach to security at this year's Superbowl

The Superbowl is the most watched sports event in the world. But how do they organise such a mammoth event?

Earlier this week CBS reported on the security surrounding the Superbowl. Last year's event saw police officers on every corner but this year a different approach was taken. You can read it here: Superbowl Security.

Obviously it is all about the Half Time Show. This year it was Lady Gaga's honour but in 2012 it was Madonna. But what does it take to create an Half Time Show? Here a great video about the creation of Madonna's Half Time Show

Newstalk.com created a Superbowl A to Z. It's easy to read and gives you a quick overview of all you need to know about the event (no sports data though). You can read it here.

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