Organisations are not necessarily in the business of organising events. Yet, some employees find themselves planning meetings, organising team away days, Christmas parties, and conferences.

And we can help you! We can teach you how to plan, produce and manage your event.

We offer several, ready-made, workshops but the exact content will be discussed and finalised with you. After all, we want to make sure this workshop suits your organisation’s needs.


Event management plan

In this workshop you can expect the following content:

  • Your event story (objectives and event content)

  • Scoping resources

  • Stakeholder consultation

  • Planning your event

  • Legal issues (including Health & Safety regulations)

  • Licensing

  • Risk analysis

  • Event Management Plan

Some of these elements are ‘huge subjects’ in their own right. Therefor, depending on your requirements you might want to pick and choose which elements you want to be covered.

We offer this full day course for £1,500*.


event marketing & social media

This workshop includes event marketing principles and covers, among other things, the following content:

  • Setting measurable goals and objectives

  • Defining your target audience

  • Highlighting key influencers and stakeholders /  business partners

  • Selecting and optimising the correct social media platforms

  • Designing a content strategy and tactics to use these platforms

  • Understanding social media metrics

This workshop will also include how you can optimise platforms, finding influencers to improve engagement, created and curated content and analytics.

We offer this full day course for £1,750*.

* This does not include travel and accommodation costs.