Holland's Glory

Holland's Glory is a show about the Dutch Golden Age. The time of Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer. The imperfection of society and life was captured in minuscule detail by these painters. But what was the real story behind some of these paintings? What do these paintings really say about us humans? 



Holland's Glory is about art, history, culture, show, and education. 

The current set-up of the show is aimed at theatres. However the possibilities are endless. Think of a 3D or 4D show or even a personalised and intimate performance. 

This show, with its visuals and stunning music, can easily be transformed into a high tech multimedia concept.  




Holland's Glory is currently touring theatres in the Netherlands.

Besides theatres this show can be performed in museums, art galleries, and educational institutions. 

This is a mesmerising show for audiences of all ages. 



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