Irena Filippova & Hans Visser

Irena Filippova is a talented accordionist, singer, songwriter, and performer from Russia. Music and theatre runs through her veins. She graduated Cum Laude from Rostov on Don's Conservatory and The Hague's Royal Conservatory. Since then she has written, performed in and directed multiple award-winning theatre productions.

Hans is a multi-award winning theatre producer and musician. As a member of the band Flairck he toured the World and received several golden and platinum albums. Hans has worked as a creative director for the Amsterdam Dance Theatre and CliniClowns Netherlands. For his work in the theatre world he has received several awards, such as the Golden Giraffe for his World Press Photo show.

Together Irena and Hans have produced over 40 albums and 20 theatre shows. They are currently touring the Netherlands with their latest theater show.


Holland's glory

Holland's Glory is an impressive multimedia show about the life and the art of the old Dutch and Flemish Masters. Hans & Irena explore the history of the Low lands and look at the stories behind the paintings. This show is a journey through the history of Dutch art with stunning visuals of classic masterpieces accompanied by inspiring and moving music. 

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Zhivago theater

A mesmerising multimedia theatre show that offers a window to the soul of Russia’s turbulent past. Hans and Irena have performed this show in 60 sold out theatres in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The show tells the story of Russia from 1900 to 1960 by using Pasternak's life story. It was a time where Russia had two faces: Pasternak and Stalin. Both are a benchmark of that specific period.

In its current set up Zhivago Theater toured the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

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Kingdom of the senses

The Kingdom of Senses is an interactive musical theatre production which helps the audience, in an adventurous and fun way, to get to know the world of the senses. The characters Eye, Ear, Tongue, Nose and Helping Hand are metaphors for sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. But there is also a mysterious sixth sense in the Kingdom...

The Kingdom of Senses is a multimedia and cross media concept. The production has been awarded a 9.4 by the Dutch public. 

The Kingdom of Senses has been brought out as a musical. A film, a CD and two published books were produced in the wake of its success.   

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world photo concert

The first version of the World Photo Concert took place in 2001 in Amsterdam. This unique concert, organised as a fund-raiser for the World Press Organisation, was awarded the Golden Giraffe, an award that is presented for the best artistic interpretation of a business event.

World Photo Concert is music theatre based on the intense and appealing Award photos of internationally renowned photographers, Greenpeace photographers and art photographers, accompanied by live music. Beautiful colours, wonderful music, appealing subjects and timed to perfection.

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Hermitage Concert

In 2013 Hans and Irena produced this multimedia show to celebrate the bilateral relationship between Russia and the Netherlands. Attendees were treated to a musical journey of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. 

The Hermitage Concert combines different art forms in order to tell the story behind the incredible collection of paintings on display in the Hermitage. 

In this show Hans and Irena have a unique take on Russia's turbulent history. It is what makes this concert a must-see!

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Around the world

Around The World in 80 minutes is an enticing dynamic spectacle between story, visual, and music. Jules Verne's famous book Around the World in 80 Days, was set at the end of the 19th century, when photography made an entrance to the world. 

Unique picture material from that time form the basis for this amazing theatre show. The world surely changed in the last century, something this production highlights.