Kingdom of the Senses

The concept for this multimedia and cross media theatre show was written and developed by Hans Visser and Irena Filippova. The story was initially aimed at children with severe multiple disabilities and, as such, was based not only on creativity but was in line with medical care provisions. The show ran for several years in the Netherlands. 

The story of The Kingdom of Senses can be used for many other audiences and can be performed in multiple forms. This concept has the potential for a musical, a movie, an animation, a book or theme park attraction. The possibilities are truly endless!

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The Kingdom of the Senses is about creativity, music, fun, exploration, learning and discovering. 

This creative concept has already proven itself to be successful as a theatre production and as illustrative books. 

We are currently looking for investors to turn this amazing story into a movie. 

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The story was written with a specific audience in mind; children with severe multiple disabilities. However, we noticed that young children fell in love with the characters and the story too!

The story captivates young children's imagination as they explore the adventurs of the senses.

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